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A concise summary of the costs and implications of IUI therapy

IUI therapy

Intrauterine insemination, usually referred to as IUI, is a reproductive procedure that uses artificial insemination to trigger pregnancy. It assists folks who are having trouble conceiving to have a better probability of getting pregnant. By shortening the sperm’s journey through the fallopian tubes, the technique increases the likelihood of conception while shortening its duration and distance. A healthy donor or spouse’s ovaries or sperm are harvested. Fertility drugs are also provided as part of IUI treatment in Delhi to ensure a successful IUI procedure. Sometimes IUI is performed using the “natural cycle,” which avoids the use of drugs.

Cost of IUI treatment procedure

When the fertilisation process requires some help to be successful, IUI is typically advised. It entails obtaining the partner’s or donor’s sperm, cleaning it, and separating the healthy sperm from the sample. The odds of fertilisation are increased by placing this healthy sperm right into the uterus. One of the least painful and time-efficient reproductive treatments is IUI. It is rather simple, and depending on the participants’ health, it may be performed without the use of additional hormones or prescription drugs. The location of the IUI therapy, the IUI centre, health insurance, and other factors affect how much IUI costs per session in India. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that you might require multiple IUI sessions in order to effectively get pregnant.

The price range for a single IUI cycle is projected to be between Rs. 3000 and Rs. 5000. However, this excludes ancillary expenses like health screenings and prescription drugs. IUI treatment costs in India could reach Rs. 50,000 when all of these factors are taken into account. The location of the process, including the city or district and the centre, will also affect the cost. You can speak with your nearby fertility centre in India to learn more about the IUI treatment method and price. In comparison to other countries, the IUI treatment cost in India is less expensive.

Factors that influence the IUI procedure’s success rate

The IUI technique, carried out by a fertility doctor, implants sperm into the uterus of the prospective mother to improve the chances that they will reach and fertilise eggs. The quick and painless IUI treatment in Delhi is carried out during ovulation and can be employed in combination with hormone assistance or a natural cycle. Couples who have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, as well as women who have cervical mucus or damaged fallopian tubes, have found particular benefits from the IUI therapy technique. IUI cycles have a success rate of between 10 and 20 % when performed on the first try. Thus, for greater odds of conception, Most couples should complete at least three IUI sessions, according to the recommendation.

  • The circumstances where an IUI treatment cycle may have the lowest success rate are when both fallopian tubes have been removed or blocked when the woman has extensive fallopian tube illness when the guy doesn’t generate sperm, or when there have been repeated occurrences of pelvic infection.
  • You can benefit from treatment in Delhi if your partner is infertile due to the male factor but does not have serious sperm issues. By bringing the sperm and egg closer together, the treatment improves spontaneous conception. Male factor infertility occurs when the sperm is normal or borderline, which can result in a pregnancy.
  • Perhaps the most important factor affecting the success rate of IUI in female patients is her age. Without the additional assistance of fertility medicines, the likelihood of a successful outcome in women over forty is relatively low. Couples who have failed to conceive despite three IUI treatment cycles may see a decrease in the success rate.
  • A cleaned jar should be used for aseptic specimen collection. It is important to prepare the sperm at an appropriate andrology lab. The sperm preparation lab should be situated near where IUI will be performed. This is a crucial element that frequently decides whether an IUI will be successful.

Before selecting to pursue IUI therapy, consider a variety of factors. You must take the person’s age, the couple’s medical records, and the kind of infertility into consideration when estimating the actual cost of IUI treatment. IUI treatment cost in India is the lowest when compared to other reproductive procedures. Consult with Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour at Surrogacy Centre India if you desire better results from the IUI treatment technique.

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