Commercial Surrogacy has been banned by the Government of India. Please refer to the below link for the detailed Gazette/ Notification: We will be back as soon as we have any further clarification/ update on the same.
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IVF therapy in Delhi gives infertile couples a fresh new outlook on life. Since the first IVF baby was born in 1978, almost 6 million babies have been born around the world.   In Delhi, couples can benefit from the best knowledge and cutting-edge technology. The hospitals strive for a healthy technique of fertility at...
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IUI treatment & success rate
Are you having difficulty dealing with your infertility issue? If you answered yes, then IUI treatment in Delhi is the first course of action. Couples who have tried and failed to conceive may choose to explore IUI therapy as a last resort. However, before you begin this therapy, it is essential that you understand all there is...
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egg donor
The prospect of giving eggs to help an infertile couple may be on your mind. For some women and certain couples, donated eggs available in egg donation clinic in Delhi are the greatest choice. What is the significance of egg donors? In 2013, 15 percent of successful IVF cycles included donor eggs, according to figures...
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For all those couples out there who cannot conceive naturally, science has taken a huge leap, ensuring better services to the needful. Now, IVF is the modern technology, which helps people to conceive through some laboratory work. The real question lies with the ivf cost in Delhi NCR, which has been a huge problem for the...
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Fertility issues in couples are rising due to the hormonal imbalance and other bodily malfunctions. In the case of females, delayed menstrual cycles, inability to get pregnant, failing to ovulate and thus, coming across the signs of infertility are some of the important warning signs to see a gynaecologist. In the modern world, dietary habits,...
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Frozen Embryo Transfer
An embryo transfer (FET) cycle is available anytime you have frozen embryos that you would want to utilize in the future. After the birth of a child, you may desire to return and use your frozen embryos to continue growing your family, or you may have had embryos cryopreserved after a failed stimulated in vitro...
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Infertility is a common problem of fertility that makes it difficult for individuals to conceive a biological child. To treat this infertility problem that is chronic among women and men, In Vitro Fertilization process can be considered, which is also easily available as the IVF Packages in Delhi NCR. It is for fact that women...
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Embryo Transfer Procedures
In IVF, numerous embryos are created, so physicians have to pick the best one for transfer. This is accomplished by keeping an eye on the development of each embryo. In order for a successful pregnancy to be achieved, embryos must grow between the cleavage phases (day 3) to the blastocyst phase (day 5/6) of development....
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blastocyst embryo transfer
To put it simply, Blastocyst Transfer is indeed the implantation of an embryo that is nearing the end of maturation. A blastocyst is an embryo with between 100 and 120 cells. Embryologist selects the appropriate blastocyst to be transferred into the female patient’s uterus during blastocyst in IVF treatment. When transferring embryos, there are various drawbacks,...
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Embryo Transfer Treatment
Each FET cycle, like the other ART treatments, consists of many stages that take place at precise times throughout four weeks. Below is a rough schedule and synopsis of the event. A repeat endometrial measurement should be conducted before the frozen embryo transfer treatment cycle if you have been pregnant or if it has been...
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It is the dream of most couples to have their own children as part of their relationship. In India 1 in 6 couples will have problems conceiving. The Surrogacy Centre India and SCI IVF aims to reduce the stress and hassle associated with infertility investigations and treatment, by offering a one-stop diagnostic and treatment service for infertile couples.

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