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Egg Donation



SCI Healthcare has the largest choice of egg donors of all surrogacy clinics in India. With more than 65 beautiful young women willing to assist our clients become parents, there will be a donor who suits your needs. We have numerous donors with fair complexion, donors with Asian features and donors with darker complexions.


Our egg donors are all screened for general physical health, transmissible diseases and fertility. Donors provide information to our clinic about their family medical history. If there is any mental or physical condition that could be passed to a child in a donor’s family she is not accepted onto our program. Our donors all undergo counselling with our psychologist. They are all under age 28, have high antral follicles counts or have done well with past donations.

Donor care

The health of our donors is a primary concern for SCI Healthcare. Dr Shivani is “hands-on”. She performs all donor treatment, including setting medical protocols, follicle scans, egg collections and embryo transfer, she does not outsource this vital work to junior doctors.

Premium donor program

SCI Healthcare has more than 20 women who are studying past high school, are university graduates or post-graduates.

Caucasian and other races donor program

SCI Healthcare enjoys an excellent working relationship with Caucasian Egg Donor Agencies. These companies regularly fly egg donors to our clinic for egg retrieval.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Indian women donate for clients?

Primarily because they feel it is an honourable and loving act on their part.

How old are SCI Healthcare’s donors?

Our donors range in age from 18 to 28.

Do I get all the eggs from a collection?

Yes, we never share your donor’s collection with another recipient unless requested by two clients. We don’t charge extra for you to have all the eggs from your collection.

Can I meet my donor?

Egg donation in India is anonymous. You will not be able to meet your egg donor or be given any identifying information about her other than her photo, occupation, and donation history.

Can I have a proven donor?

Yes, though 50 per cent of our pregnancies come from non-proven donors.

Do I have to pay to see donor profiles?

No, there is no payment nor commitment to enrol required to see our donor profiles

How many eggs will I get from an egg collection?

For donor health, Dr. Shivani prescribes the lowest dose of medications to donors. A normal egg collection will yield between 10-25 eggs, depending on a donor’s antral follicle count. Some donations yield a much higher number of eggs, rarely are fewer than 10 eggs collected.

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