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How does Intrauterine insemination (IUI) work?

Infertility has always been a common problem but the only difference is that earlier it was left untreated due to the taboos surrounding it. However, that is not the case now as there have been many advancements in reproductive technologies. Thus, infertility is treatable and no longer a challenge. With the help of fertility treatment, anybody can have a baby at whichever age they want to.


However, when people plan on assisted reproduction technology, the first thing that comes to mind is IVF. But it is not the conception method in the infertility case. IUI is also one of the best and fast advancements and it costs significantly lesser than IVF. Even if you are required to go for multiple cycles of IUI treatment, the total cost will be relatively lesser.


IUI Treatment

Intrauterine insemination which is also known as artificial insemination is a procedure for fertility treatment. In the treatment, semen is transferred directly into the female’s uterus to facilitate fertilization. The IUI fertility treatments help couples who are facing problems in becoming parents.


The IUI treatment in Delhi is highly recommended for couples who are facing trouble conceiving because of low sperm count, ejaculation problems, poor sperm motility, as well as cervical conditions.


Before the insemination begins, the fertility specialist might give certain medications that help stimulate ovulation. The specialists carefully monitor the person undergoing the treatment after this to exactly know when the eggs are mature. The procedure for intrauterine insemination is performed at the ovulation time.


Ovulation is indicated by the surge in the LH hormone and then the IUI procedure is carried out after 24-36 hours. The semen sample is carefully collected and washed in the lab specially to separate the sperms and the fluid. Then with the catheter’s help, these sperms are inserted directly into the uterus.


It is less invasive as compared to the procedure for IVF, and causes minimal discomfort. Also, it is a procedure that takes only a couple of minutes. It is a simple fertility treatment that can be done even without using fertility drugs. Artificial Insemination (AI) and IUI are almost the same. IUI has a very impressive success rate of almost 80% that too within 3 to 6 cycles, in the right patients.


Cost of IUI treatment

IUI is quite an affordable treatment as it is not an expensive form of fertility treatment. In general cases, a single IUI treatment cycle costs around 15000 INR that is inclusive of all sorts of medications and tests. However, this doesn’t include the charges for the sperm donor.


IUI treatment cost in Delhi for example is an effective fertility treatment that reduces and shortens the sperm journey to the uterus. It thereby reduces the potential obstacles in the way and increases the chances of pregnancy.



Many factors need to be considered to determine the fertility procedure’s success. For example, the female’s age, the reason for infertility, etc. as these do influence its success. ‍

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