Commercial Surrogacy has been banned by the Government of India. Please refer to the below link for the detailed Gazette/ Notification:
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Surrogacy Process



At any one time, SCI Healthcare has many surrogates pregnant for clients from India and around the world. To be accepted as a surrogate with SCI Healthcare’s surrogacy program requires rigorous emotional and physical screening. Our surrogate mother’s health and emotional wellbeing is the top priority for SCI Healthcare’s 60-person strong team. Without our surrogate mothers we could not help the hundreds of intended parents with a dream of becoming a family to become parents.


SCI Healthcare’s surrogate mothers are well paid and well cared for, both physically and emotionally. We also care for their family throughout the time they are enrolled in our program. The excellent healthcare, family support and monetary compensation is the least we can offer our surrogates for the amazing gift they give – the gift of life! Our surrogate mothers feel immense pride and satisfaction in being able to help our clients become families.

Medical and psychological screening

Potential surrogate mothers are rigorously screened physically for general health and optimum fertility.  Equally as important, surrogate mothers are psychologically counselled to ensure they can cope with the emotional demands and responsibility of the demands of our surrogacy program. Time is spent with each surrogate to ensure they give informed consent to be surrogate mothers. Husbands of our surrogate mothers also meet with our psychologist to ensure they are able to support their wives in their decision to participate in the program.

Physical examination

Potential surrogates have a general physical examination and are screened for infectious diseases. Tests include a full blood count, renal, liver and thyroid function tests, chest X-Ray to rule out tuberculosis, plus a full range of tests for fertility. A list of screening tests for surrogates is available upon request.

Surrogates must have already given birth

Our surrogates all have children of their own and must have completed their families. Our surrogates have had no problems conceiving or delivering their own babies, no history of illness during pregnancy, or had any pregnancy complications. They must have enjoyed their own pregnancies and been physically able to cope with pregnancy and emotionally able to deal with the hormonal and physical changes pregnancy brings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do we wait until we are matched with a surrogate?

SCI Healthcare through its association with third party can arrange for screening immediately on request. There is no wait to match you with a surrogate mother.

How are surrogate mothers recruited?

Friends and relatives of past and current surrogates and our egg donors approach us, keen to apply. Some women hear about our program in the media and inquire. We don’t need to advertise for surrogate mothers. Some 40 per cent of women wanting to enroll in our program are not accepted a surrogates.

Are all your surrogates married, or can single women be surrogates?
Surrogates can be either married or single(widowed and divorced).

What background do surrogates come from?

Surrogate mothers are mostly housewives from a middle class background. Some of our surrogate mothers have higher education and careers of their own. All surrogates are required to cease work prior to enrollment in our program. Our surrogates’ husbands have jobs such as chauffeurs, tailors, security personnel, farmers, hotel employees, hospitality workers and tradesmen. Most surrogate mothers live locally in Delhi and some are from towns near Delhi.

Does SCI Healthcare separate surrogate mothers from their families?

No, SCI never seperates surrogate mothers from their families as they stay at their home during the pregnancy.

Can intended parents choose their own surrogate?

You can choose your own surrogate or ask Dr Shivani to choose for you.

Can we meet our surrogate mother?

Approximately half of our clients meet their surrogate mother at the time of entering into a contract. We leave this to the discretion of the intended parents. Our surrogates and their husbands enjoy meeting the people they will help. If you wish to meet your surrogate an interpreter will be available to assist with communication.

Should a client bring gift when they meet their surrogate?

We advise our clients not to give gifts until baby is born.

Will our surrogate be willing to have her photo taken during pregnancy?

India is a conservative society and photos can cause embarrassment for surrogate mothers. We value the privacy of our surrogates and never put them in a position where they feel uncomfortable. On occasion we can provide photo’s for clients.

Can we Skype with our surrogate?

No. Our surrogates are quite shy and most don’t speak fluent English. They prefer to meet you when you are in Delhi.

Can the intended parents be present at the birth of their baby?

No client can be in the actual delivery suite. Rooms are available where clients can await the birth of their baby.

Do surrogates provide colostrum for babies?

No, Our surrogates never provide colostrum for babies and it is better for them emotionally to close their surrogacy journey as quickly as possible.

Can we see our surrogate before the birth?

No, this is an emotional time for both parents and surrogates. We prefer you to see your surrogate after birth of baby in the SCI office in the presence of a coordinator or social worker.

Can we show our surrogate our baby?


Can we wait at the hospital before delivery?

Yes, you can wait at luxurious lounge of sci international Hospital, and later on spend time with your new born in our nursery.

How are the surrogates after the birth, do they want to keep the baby?

Never. This is a fear of many clients. Our surrogates have finished their families, and the last thing they want or need is another child to care for, especially the genetic child of other parents.

Are surrogates sad to give the baby up?

Not often. Our surrogates are prepared mentally beforehand and supported emotionally during and after pregnancy. They are often more sad that their surrogacy journey has come to an end. Each and every surrogate is a member of the SCI Healthcare family and is encouraged to stay in touch and visit us.

Is it okay for couples to send photos of their babies and their family to the surrogate after they return home?

Yes, this can be organized through our surrogate team leader.

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