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Blastocyst Culture

Blastocyst Culture Treatment in Delhi NCR

After the embryo harvesting operation, IVF or ICSI fertilisation is performed in the IVF laboratory. The generated foetuses are incubated overnight for continued growth. After ovulation, a blastocyst is an egg that has matured in the labs for 5 days. Blastocysts have two unique types of cells and a huge, apical, fluid-filled chamber.

The internal cell clump is the group of tissue is composed of the blastocyst which will deliver birth to the foetus after fertilization. The trophectoderm is a thin membrane on the exterior of the embryo that gives rise to the foetus. Surrogacy Centre India provides the best treatment to its patients and is regarded as the best treatment centre. They have the best blastocyst transfer success rates in India

Development stages of Blastocyst Culture

After the IVF or ICSI fertilization has been carried out, the embryo goes through several stages. Therefore, let us understand what are its development stages.

  • Day 0: After IVF and ICSI are carried out, the egg is retrieved and preserved.
  • Day 1: Pronuclear stage is the stage where the embryologist studies the formation of successful eggs and counts in numbers.
  • Day 2: The cell reaches four from the two-cell stage.
  • Day 3: It is the stage of Eight cells.
  • Day 4: On this day, the morula stage is reached.
  • Day 5: This is the stage of Blastocyst culture, and is carried forward to Day 6

The blastocyst is composed of two layers of tissue: an endoderm mass that evolves into the foetus and an outside shell of cells termed trophectoderm that grows into the uterus. Embryo implantation after Fertilization or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection has often been done on Day 2 or Day 3 after fertilisation. However, developments in IVF medical technology now enables everyone to culture eggs for up to five days.

This provides the embryos with more chances to demonstrate their growth outcomes. Around day 5/6, some eggs stop growing which is known as the arrest. The embryologist can use this ‘natural selection’ to discover and decide the correct fertilized egg for artificial insemination.

Patients that will benefit from Blastocyst Culture

Blastocyst culture and transfer generally is advised to only certain patients. Therefore, let us see who can opt for Blastocyst culture and benefit from it.

  • Patients that have suffered several failures in IVF
    A blastocyst culture can be performed on patients presenting unsuccessful IVF and artificial insemination. It can provide more information about the embryos' progress and help improve conception rates.
  • Patients who want to stop multiple pregnancies
    Blastocyst cultivation enables the transmission of only the best embryo. It also helps in limiting the potential of multiple pregnancies.

Advantages of Blastocyst Culture

There are several advantages of Blastocyst culture and helps the conceiving patients in many ways.

  • Since only the most genetically capable eggs become blastocysts, foetuses can change and
    prosper in the laboratory until they attain the blastocyst.
  • It enables the most effective blastocyst stage to be chosen for artificial insemination.
  • For patients that require PGS or PGD, blastocyst culture is regarded as more beneficial than
    any other process.
  • The process of blastocyst culture is considered physiological and helps patients. Additionally, it frozen blastocyst transfer success rates are also very promising.

Why Choose Us?

Surrogacy Centre India provides the best care to its patients. Your family will be guided through each step of the blastocyst culture procedure by a team of dedicated medical professionals. Also, familiarise yourself with every detail and how the embryologist will carry out every process.


Blastocyst culture is a complex method that requires continuous monitoring so that the stage is reached. Therefore, if you are looking for treatment Surrogacy Centre India will be best suited. The centre has dedicated and highly qualified professionals that understand every stage of development and will help you.

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