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Families We Helped

The SCI Healthcare team feels privileged to meet many wonderful people from around the world. We are all proud of the contribution we make in helping our clients realise their dream of becoming parents. Below are some words from our international surrogacy family.


Kim & Paul , proud parents of Isla, born 2011

We are a now a family from Australia with two beautiful twins Renee and Rowan as a result of the surrogacy program at SCI Healthcare. After a journey of more than ten years in IVF programs and international adoption and with still no positive signs of having a family, we were emotionally exhausted and finally at the point of accepting that it was not to be. It was at this time that a close friend and work colleague asked us to consider the SCI Healthcare as an option before letting go of our dreams. She had just received the exciting news that she and her husband would be parents from this very program.

We found the clinic to be run very professionally and the utmost care for the wellbeing and medical needs of all parties involved. Updates and medical reports were communicated to us regularly through the pregnancy. Our twins were born prematurely at 34 weeks but were given all the medical attention we could possibly hope for until they were ready to leave and be with us. They are healthy happy twins that bring so much joy to our lives.


Jenny and Jeremy, Australia, proud parents of Renee and Rowan, born 2011

We are thrilled with finally having a family
I was sceptical from the beginning and had many questions and a bit fearful something would go wrong or someone would take advantage of us. We hear so many horror stories about clinics and things in the world. We are happy to say Dr. Shivani and her team left us with a feeling of gratitude and contentment. We would recommend Dr. Shivani and her team (Megan and Margarida were invaluable to make the process smooth and less worrisome – thank you girls!) to anyone. We are so happy!

As for the pick-up timing.We were in Delhi from April 30th to May 11th. 11 days! I think that is record time. What helped tremendously is the lawyer Mr. Chawla. From the passport to Visa we had everything done in 5 days. We had already made an appointment with the American Embassy (Jan Dabney helped get that appointment) to get the passport, Mr. Chawla and his wonderful team got the birth certificate and the Visa in about three working days after that. Australia takes weeks and England takes months so we feel very lucky!

Thank you Dr. Shivani! We have the greatest gift that can be given because of you, a son, a family. For us, nothing is more important and can make life more full and meaningful.


A and C T, USA, proud parents of Ethan, born 2011

Words are not enough
We have been working with SCI since the end of 2009 and have found the entire team to be nothing but professional, supportive and understanding of all our needs. We were unsuccessful the first 2 times but with the ongoing support and dedication of Dr Shivani and the team we persisted and now we have what we always dreamed about…. a family.
Once again our eternal gratitude goes to Dr. Shivani, the team and also our fantastic surrogates who have made our dreams come true. Words are not enough to convey our everlasting gratitude for helping us to become parents. Thank you.

Proud parents of Anastasia, Harrison and Oliver, born 2011

Paula and Justin, Australia

We first heard of Dr Shivani and SCI in 2009 through Global Egg Donors, as using an egg donor and a surrogate was our last option to start a family. We contacted Dr Shivani about our plans and she was terrific from the start. Dr Shivani explained everything and in no time we were heading to India to do the egg fertilization & transfer. Dr Shivani and her team had organized everything, from the surrogate, the egg donors medication etc and they kept us informed every step of the way.
During our pregnancy, we received regular reports & scans & Dr Shivani answered all questions we had and allayed any doubts & fears we might of had. SCI’s professional team helped us organize our accommodation for our arrival in Delhi in July 2010 & on the 8th July, we were blessed with a daughter, Amara. The care taken of our baby was fantastic and if we needed anything, it was never a bother for the SCI team to help out.

We always wanted Amara to have a baby brother or sister to play with, so we went through the whole process a month later. This time around we found out we were having twins. On 3rd May 2011, our precious little girls, Lacey & Morgan arrived, completing our family. Once again Dr Shivani and the team at SCI were marvelous. Nothing was a problem & we were looked after extremely well.

We cannot thank Dr Shivani and her team enough. Without them we wouldn’t be in the constant state of happiness that we are experiencing with our three girls.


Proud parents of Amara, born 2010, and Lacey and Morgan born 2011

Andy and Cindy, Australia

I couldn’t imagine life without them
Just a quick email to update you on the kids. As you’ll see from the picture of Jonathan, Alice & Oscar – all are doing extremely well. They are almost four months old and I couldn’t imagine life without them. Jonathan and Oscar have the most beautiful big blue eyes, Alice’s are changing from blue to a pale brown or green.
My parents are overjoyed to have three new grandchildren. My mother said she can’t imagine me not having three babies – one wouldn’t be enough.Thank you again Dr. Shivani and your team at SCI for giving us our family. Our home is now overflowing with love and laughter, and a lot of used nappies.

Proud fathers of Alice, Oscar and Jonathan, born 2011

Brad and Pete, Australia

Just perfect!
We have been trying hard to get pregnant for twelve years straight and in the process been trying more or less everything. We were both 41 years old when we started looking into both surrogacy and adoption.But due to new regulations in Norway and a presumptive long waiting time, adoption more or less where out of the question.
We decided to go for surrogacy for several reasons. Among others since we had a special relationship to the country due to our wedding rings being made in India and warm recommendations from an auntie with long traditions from India. We also like the culture and people very much.

We used a lot of time going through all aspects of surrogacy and would be sure that we had thought through everything surrounding surrogacy. All the moral and ethical questions. We wanted that everything should be handled in the most professional way and use what we consider to be the best clinic for us. At the time we started the process there were no media attention and no attention from the politicians. That changed of course. Looking back now we are confident that we made all the right conclusions.

SCI and Dr. Shivani with her team and set up was just perfect! We got a very tight and professional attention and feedback all the way. It was very good to see that also our dear surrogate got a very tight attention and feedback as well. We really appreciated that Sanju was taken so good care of, as all the other surrogates at SCI. We always look really forward to receiving the scans and if we had requests they were immediately taken into considerations. We also got to meet Sanju some three weeks before giving birth and she was just shining and glowing like a big sun! So good to see her then.We arrived one week before the birth to be prepared and all the information we got from Dr. Shivani helped us a lot. The biggest thing in our lives where when Leon Sebastian where born on the 29.10.2010. We were so happy to learn that the birth itself went as smooth as we could hope for and Sanju were also taken very good care of after the birth. We were completely filled with happiness and when Leon Sebastian could leave from the hospital, we were so proud. There were some moments there just outside the room the birth took place together with her husband, that we never will forget.

We used a lot of time just waiting for papers to be shipped from the one office to the other back in Norway and then we got the passport for Leon Sebastian and then the exit visa. It was very good to be able to go back home, but also with mixed emotions. Everybody had been helping us to make the stay so comfortable as possible, and even Dr. Shivani were so patient with us and all our questions. Thank you Shivani! And we must also give a big thank to Shilpi. She was fantastic with helping and supporting us. Think she also knows how that red hair of Anne Stine is working, when there were some heavy times waiting to get this exit visa at FFRO and MHO… Another memorable time was when we met Sanju, her husband and Sonika at the Norwegian embassy. It felt so good and she again shined like a sun.

We are so grateful for all the help and support we got from SCI, Dr. Shivani and her team. We really remember the last day in Dr. Shivani’s office taking pictures with her, Shilpi and Seraugh. We will be back again as soon as Leon Sebastian is a little bit bigger to say hello and visit friends.

Proud parents of Leon Sebastian, born 2010

Anne and Svein, Norway

Dream come true
My husband thought he would never have his own biological child, but here we are with our beautiful daughter. All thanks to Dr. Shivani and SCI. We will be forever grateful to our surrogate, Dr. Shivani and the team at SCI for giving us the best gift of life.

Proud parents of Rhani, born 2010

Shane and Cherise, Australia

Thank you is not enough
Dr. Shivani, Megan and Margarida. Thank you is not enough and I can only think of a drama class I took several years ago.  The first class was all about how to say “thank you”.  We said it like we meant it, like it was okay, even if we didn’t mean it.  The last thank you was say as if you were thanking someone from the very essence of your soul.  My thank you to all of you is the last thank you from the essence of my soul.  A dream has become a reality.  Thank you everyone.

Proud parents of Leon Sebastian, born 2010

Anne and Svein, Norway

Diligent, timely and honest
We first became clients of Dr. Shivani in 2009 after an exhaustive review of the ‘best in class’ options in India. It was clear, if not obvious to us, that Dr. Shivani was going to be the best choice for our path to parenthood. Her diligent, honest, and timely responses to our questions were instantly appreciated…and we had a lot of questions!
After our first cycle failed, we did not give it a second thought to recalibrate for another try with Dr. Shivani and her team. We become pregnant with two surrogates in February of 2010 and our gorgeous daughters were born in September. Throughout our pregnancies, we always felt as if the care of our surrogates was the top priority of the SCI team. Our involvement, as clients, was rightly secondary but we always felt thoroughly informed and engaged in each test and scan.

Although we had two mostly smooth pregnancies, we did deliver prematurely. It was a great relief to know that the care our new family received was comparable to any modern hospital in the United States. Having the benefit now of looking back on our journey over the last 18 months, we would change very few things. We are proud of the extraordinary path we followed to find our family and are especially fond of the lifetime of memories created when we spent six weeks in New Delhi after the children were born.

Proud parents of Vivian, Sidney and Aria, born, 2010

Paul and Edward, USA

We will forever love you
Our precious daughter Alwina was born in September 2010. She is everything we ever dreamt of and the dream came true because of Dr. Shivani. Thank you – we will forever love you and be grateful for all you have done for us. We were very satisfied with our process with SCI, we felt safe all through the pregnancy and there was never lack of information. Dr. Shivani seems to be working twenty-four hours a day !If we wrote a letter wanting to ask something – she always answered quickly. We were also very happy during our stay in India when Alwina was born. We got a lot of help from wonderful Shilpi. She is a rock!

Proud parents of boy/girl twins born 2010

Gay dads, USA

Nothing can prepare you
I’m not quite sure what I could write about Dr . Shivani and her team… other than they have made our dreams come true. Choosing to embark on a surrogacy journey is scary as it is without the added consideration of doing surrogacy in another country. When we arrived in India for the first time we were full of mixed emotions, fear, hope and many more.
It took one visit to Dr. Shivani’s office for all those fears to be replaced with excitement at the very thought that we were getting a chance at becoming parents. We were so, so lucky and fell pregnant after our first attempt. I still get emotional every time I think about us receiving confirmation of our pregnancy two weeks after the transfer. There is nothing in this life that can ever prepare you for the emotions you feel when seeing your child’s face for the first time. We look forward to returning to SCI for baby number two in the very near future.

Proud parents of twins Vinamra and Shivani, born 2010

Paul and Renee, Australia

Nothing can prepare you
It is difficult for us to express in words how truly grateful we are to Dr. Shivani, the SCI team and our beautiful surrogate mother for giving us our treasured son. While I was told from an early age that I would never have children of my own, I hoped against hope that I would one day hold my own baby in my arms.
Dr. Shivani and our dear SM performed that miracle for us and I have been grateful to them ever since. My husband and I have always been in love, but now this love is so much richer and deeper. Thank you, Dr. Shivani, for giving our lives such wonderful meaning.

Proud parents of baby Griffin, born 2010

Justine and Tom, Australia

Reputable and professional
On the journey to creating a family through surrogacy, working with a reputable and professional IVF clinic was very important to us. SCI’s staff, including Dr Shivani and Shilpi in New Delhi and our Australian client liaison rep Megan went to great lengths to support us and provide professional advice and medical care every step of the way. We recommend them highly.

Proud parents of Zoe and Ruby, born 2011

Sam and Phil, Australia

We had given up hope
After 16 years of trying to fall pregnant we had given up hope until we found Dr Shivani’s website. As surrogacy was new to us we had many questions and our co-ordinators Meg and Margarida were fantastic in answering all of them. They were friendly and supportive and we were made to feel that no question was too small or incidental and thinking back, there were a lot.
We flew to New Delhi and met with the lovely and talented Dr Shivani and within one year of starting the process we were blessed with our 3 beautiful girls, Sophia, Isabella and Chelsea.
Shilpi was also instrumental in helping us co-ordinate our paperwork, drivers, accommodation and night nurse. On baby pick up we met many within Dr Shivani’s team and they all made us feel welcome and it was great to put faces to the names of those who we had dealt with over the time.
We are eternally grateful to Dr Shivani, her team and our surrogates for giving us our family.

Proud parents of Sophia, Isabella and Chelsea, born 2011

J and J, Australia,

Dear Dr Shivani, Surrogate mother, SCI team
From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you for making our dream come true. We are blessed with two beautiful babies Anastasia and Dimitri that have brought us hapiness and joy in our lives.
Tsamasiros family



Our beautiful healthy son Alex Jai

was born on the 19th August due to the expertise and professionalism of Dr Shivani and the SCI team without whom we would never have had a family. We would like to thank Dr Shivani and her wonderful team for all their help and continued support here in Delhi.
Anthony and Susan, proud parents of Alex Jai, born 2011

We feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to both our surrogate and the SCI team. Our surrogate with Dr Shivani’s guidance gave us the most precious, perfect and healthy baby girl. Life will never be the same, only better, perfect! Thank you Dr Shivani, you gave us hope and now we have Cailyn, it cannot get any better than this! Our life feels complete, finally”.

Proud parents of Damitri & Anstasia, born 2011

Con & Niki, Australia

We are more than thrilled to finally announce
The birth of our first child and proud to say it happened only with the help of Dr Shivani and her wonderful team! We struggled for 13 years to have a family and after many losses we found Dr Shivani and started on the positive path to parenthood.

We feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to both our surrogate and the SCI team. Our surrogate with Dr Shivani’s guidance gave us the most precious, perfect and healthy baby girl. Life will never be the same, only better, perfect! Thank you Dr Shivani, you gave us hope and now we have Cailyn, it cannot get any better than this! Our life feels complete, finally”.

Baby Neha


We are so grateful for everything

That SCI have done for us, Neha has put on a lot of weight and is growing like no tomorrow we love spending everyday with her she loves going outside in her pram and for walks in the sunshine, she is just starting to smile now. I cannot thank SCI and Dr Shivani enough for the wonderful help and everything you have done for us during the pregnancy



Dear Dr. Shivani and the rest of the SCI team,
The words “Thank You” don’t quite seem enough for what you’ve given our new family. In fact, you’ve given us a family, and there really aren’t enough words to describe the gratitude we feel toward you and your team, and the sheer joy you’ve brought into our lives.

Everyday since their birth on Monday, we wake up, after very little sleep, feeling like we just hit the jackpot, especially after getting twins on the first try.

When we first started looking into the specifics of surrogacy, we were hesitant, to say the least. After meeting with some local clinics in the United States, we became a bit discouraged. And more so after looking into international options…until we came across countless wonderful comments about SCI on so many surrogacy blogs. But even though we were confident in your skills to help us start our family, we understood the odds of success.

Well, over these last 37+ weeks, you and your staff have lived up to all of our hopes, and each of the comments that lead us to SCI in the first place. You’ve all done a fantastic job – from your clinical efforts, timely updates, finding our great surrogate (we’re still amazed that such a small woman was able to carry twins for 37 weeks), to the team that helped us coordinate all the legal and necessary procedures to get our babies’ passports and exit visas, and even the car service you work with (we just love Rahul and his team). While it’s not enough, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you’ve given us. We wish you all the best in helping other families experience the same happiness.