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Frozen Embryo Transfer

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Frozen embryo transfer (FET) is an IVF procedure in which a cryopreserved embryo generated during a full IVF cycle is liquified and placed back in the uterus. A couple’s “spare” embryos from a prior conventional IVF round are frequently used in FET. A donor embryo can also be a cryopreserved embryo.

Donor embryos can be used in a variety of ways, including whole embryo donation. In egg donation, the partner’s sperm is used to impregnate the egg, and in sperm donation that can be impregnated into the egg of the partner. However, it is not always necessary to use a fresh embryo. When a fresh transfer is on the page, some doctors offer elective frozen embryo transfer. Sometimes it is also known as a “freeze all” technique. 

Cryopreservation of all the embryos is done in this circumstance and will be transplanted and used in the FET cycle whenever required. Surrogacy Centre India has helped many patients experience parenthood with the help of the Frozen Embryo Transfer procedure. And aims to provide patients with better treatment and medical procedures to help with their problems.

Treatment Process

The embryo is passed from the cervix to the uterus using a small tube (a catheter). In addition to the blastocyst, a tiny fraction of the liquid culture is inserted in the uterine wall. Sedation is rarely used for this procedure, and most individuals only experience minor inconvenience. 

The embryos will be thawed in by the doctors so that the period of evolution coincides with the correct stage of your menstrual period. The timing of the frozen embryo transfer treatment cycle is determined by the phase at which the embryos were preserved. Embryos are normally frozen at the point of conception and then fused in the early hours on the day of your artificial insemination.

When can a patient choose frozen embryo transfer treatment

Freezing embryos is a viable option for women who wish to delay motherhood into their late 30s or early 40s but is aware that they would not have sufficient eggs to become pregnant. If the uterine lining has not matured to an acceptable phase or if she is at higher risk for developing ovarian high energy syndrome. A woman undergoing IVF therapy may be recommended to freeze all of her embryos and not to transfer any right away (OHSS).

Benefits of frozen embryo transfer

There are several benefits of frozen embryo transfer for patients. Therefore, let us see the benefits of the process.

  • Allows the uterine wall lining to revert to normal following IVF treatment, allowing for natural early embryogenesis.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of premature labour, hypertension, and premature birth in fresh egg donation IVF cycles.
  • Allows for genome sequencing, which improves the odds of a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery.
  • Lowers or eliminates the possibility of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), which is a danger following new embryo transfers.
  • Blastocyst freezing preserves many potential embryos, enabling single embryo transfer quicker and considerably reducing the likelihood of pregnancy complications (pregnancy with twins or more) and the accompanying health hazards.

Why Choose Us

Patients receive the best treatment at Surrogacy Centre India. A team of committed medical professionals is always on hand to guide your family through each step of the frozen embryo transfer procedure. And familiarise you with every detail and how the surgeon will conduct the frozen embryo transfer. Also, the frozen embryo transfer cost is very affordable and you won’t have to spend much.


Frozen embryo transfer is a unique way in which parents can plan for future aspects of parenting, and having a child. It provides them with the freedom to take the responsibilities of parenthood when they are ready. Surrogacy Centre India provides the best rates and techniques, and professionals that have high qualifications, that will help you in the right way.

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