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IUI Centre in Delhi

Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

IUI (intrauterine insemination) is a form of artificially assisted reproduction used to treat infertility. When the ovaries discharge embryos for fertilization, all the sperms that have been washed or concentrated are placed inside the uterus. The goal of intrauterine insemination should be for male reproductive testosterone to flow into the fallopian tube and fertilize an embryo ready to be fertilized, leading to pregnancy. 

IUI can be combined with your regular cycle or with reproductive medicines, associated symptoms of infertility. Surrogacy Centre India is one of the best IUI treatment centres in Delhi, as it provides its patients the best treatment. This helps the patients to experience parenthood and cure their fertility problems.

Treatment Process

IUI requires careful coordination between the two partners so that the desired result could be achieved. Therefore, let us understand the treatment process.

  • Extracting a healthy semen
    The male partner offers a sperm sample in the doctor's office or defrosts and produces a container of frozen donated sperm. Since non-sperm particles in gametes can create effects in the female uterus that prevent fertilization, the specimen will be cleaned to extract particularly potent, healthy sperm from lesser quality gametes and other components.
    A concentrated specimen of healthy sperm increases the potential of the female achieving pregnancy. Therefore, one of the most important aspects of IUI is to extract healthy sperms.
  • Better monitoring of ovulation
    IUI treatment in Delhi requires better monitoring at the time of ovulation. Since the duration of IUI is vital, it is indeed vital to maintain an eye out for indicators of approaching ovulation. You could do this by using a urinalysis pregnancy predictor kit. It identifies whenever your body generates an increase of discharge of luteinizing hormone (LH). Sometimes to make the patient ovulate more than one embryo, an HCG is injected.
  • Choosing the best time
    The majority of IUIs are performed within a day or two of identifying ovulation. A health care professional will lay out a schedule for the treatment and how to anticipate it.

Who all can benefit from IUI treatment?

Since the IUI treatment cost in Delhi is low, it has helped several parents. It helps in treating both female and male infertility. Therefore, let us see who all can benefit from the IUI treatment.

  • IUI is the most popular method for achieving pregnancy among women who have to use donated sperm. In this treatment, frozen surrogacy specimens are collected from accredited laboratories and frozen before IUI.
  • IUI is frequently used in combination with ovulation-inducing medicines as a first-line solution for obstructive azoospermia.
  • The first therapeutic option for infertility caused by endometriosis would be to use drugs to secure a better embryo, followed by IUI. The IUI success rate, in this case, has been reported to be very high.
  • Infertility related to ovulation abnormalities, such as a lack of fertilization or a reduced quantity of embryos, can also be treated with IUI.

Why Choose Surrogacy Centre India?

Surrogacy Centre India has the best intrauterine insemination success rate in India. It has a dedicated team of professionals that help in the proper development of the embryo. Additionally, they walk you through the entire process and maintains coordination between partners. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the people to make you aware of all the risks that might occur.


IUI is recommended by many embryologists as one of the most effective ways to increase the chances of pregnancy. This treatment has helped several people who dream of becoming parents but due to some infertility problems, are not devoid of such happiness. Surrogacy Center India has been helping such people and allowing them to experience parenthood.

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    Altruistic Surrogacy

    Altruistic Surrogacy Treatment is Legal in India.

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