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Laser Assisted Hatching

Laser-Assisted Hatching

Pregnancy can only be achieved in cases where the embryo has hatched and is implanted. But sometimes, the layer of the embryo becomes abnormally hard, due to several processes such as thawing or freezing. When the embryo hatches easily, the chances are better of them getting attached or being implanted inside the uterus wall.

Laser-Assisted hatching is a scientifically advanced IVF technique that helps the embryo to break through or hatch from the outer membrane known as zona pellucida. Laser-assisted hatching creates an opening in the outer layer and helps many people to experience pregnancy. Surrogacy Centre India aims to provide the best treatment to parents and help them in infertility so that they could have their baby and start a family.

The treatment process for laser-assisted hatching

Laser-assisted hatching is a simple treatment that helps in providing treatment to parents suffering from infertility. The laser assisted hatching success rates are immense and has helped many parents to experience parenthood. Therefore, let us see what is the treatment process of Laser-assisted hatching in Surrogacy Centre India.

  • The laser assisted hatching blastocyst stage is when the process starts, this defines the efficacy if hatching can be done.
  • An embryologist sends a short-lived but strong laser beam through a microscope.
  • The laser starts to create an opening in the outer layer, which allows the embryo to come
    out and be implanted in the inner wall of the uterus.
  • The laser treatment begins after three days of fertilization, after the IVF process or the ICSI cycle. The embryo starts to open up after three days.
  • The laser process is of few seconds; therefore, it does not affect the embryo.
  • After the laser process, the embryo is transferred back inside the patient where it can start to grow again.
  • The embryo attaches itself back to the lining and grows normally with time.

Patients who can opt for laser-assisted hatching

Not everyone can opt for laser-assisted hatching treatment. Therefore, let us understand who all can be treated.

  • The patient must be of 37 years of age or more.
  • The Follicle production should be high.
  • Stimulating Hormone should be in the early stages of the cycle.
  • The patients whose previous IVF cycles were not successful.
  • Laser-assisted hatching is only required when patients tend to produce a thicker and harder
    zona pellucida.

Advantages of Laser Assisted Hatching

There are several methods of assisted hatching that can help patients such as chemical hatching as well as manual. However, Laser-assisted hatching is considered over the other two methods as it provides several advantages.

  • The embryo is handled very securely, and no unnecessary handling or movement is done.
  • The process of drilling the shell to open it is done swiftly. Additionally, it provides better control than the other two methods.
  • The laser method is sensitive and proceeds in a very gentle way so that it does not cause any harm to the embryo.
  • The laser method does not involve any kind of negative effects, and the embryo is safe from any side effects.
  • The patients’ circumstances are measured very carefully, before moving forward with any step.
  • Clinical guidance to carry out the process effectively and correctly.
  • The laser assisted hatching cost is lesser than the other two methods.

Why Choose Surrogacy Centre India?

Surrogacy Centre India provides the best treatment for the patients. A team of dedicated medical professional are always present to walk yours through every process. And make you familiar with every detail and how will laser-assisted hatching help you. Laser assisted hatching cost India is generally high, but we provide affordable prices for the treatment.


Laser-Assisted hatching is one of the most effective and simple ways that has helped a lot of parents. And, Surrogacy Centre India has played a major role in the success rate of the treatment, helping over 2500 patients to experience parenthood.

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