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A Guide to Surrogacy Laws: The Indian Context

Surrogacy Laws

In the world of assisted reproduction, surrogacy is a beacon for those wishing to have children. But along with joy and anticipation also come duties. We are required to be conversant with laws, rules, and entitlements. Therefore, this article will discuss what is permitted in surrogacy in India – including regulations, rights, obligations, and surrogacy package in Delhi as well as convoluted steps of establishing paternity.

Regulation and Rules

The Indian law that governs all surrogacies done within its territory is called The Surrogacy (Regulation) Act 2020. This act guides not only commercial arrangements but also safeguards the interests of the parties involved. For this reason, commercializing surrogacy is illegalized by this act; only altruistic arrangements should be undertaken where the surrogate mother does not receive any payment other than medical expenses or insurance coverage.

Rights vs Duties

These laws give each intended parent and every surrogate mother their respective rights which they must observe without fail. For example, potential fathers can contract with willing women to carry pregnancies on their behalf before going through the necessary treatment required for conception. They should also pay surrogacy cost in Delhi related to healthcare services during the pregnancy period until delivery.

On the flip side, those carrying another person’s child should be allowed to make choices based on adequate information such as consenting or declining certain medical procedures for expectant mothers under surrogate care agreements. Moreover, they need full ante-natal care besides getting paid enough money to meet their hospital bills while ensuring that insurance covers risks arising out of pregnancies offered without any default.

Paternity Establishment Process

This process has several steps aimed at leaving no doubt as to who ought to be legally recognized parents after birth through surrogates takes place. Hence, intended dads must file a petition(s) in court seeking either a declaration or order for parentage.

Depending on where these agreements are signed within the country and other factors affecting the implementation of relevant laws touching on this matter may lead to a change of the above procedure.


One has to be meticulous, patient, and well-versed with provisions contained in the Act to navigate through the legalities surrounding surrogacy in India.  By following Surrogacy (Regulation) Act 2020, Surrogacy Centre India ensures that intended parents and surrogates begin their journey feeling protected by law. This clinic also provides an affordable surrogacy package in Delhi. Learn more about its legal aspects as it has become a popular way of creating families so that different stages can be accomplished without any hiccups for all concerned parties.

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