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Counting Pregnancy Weeks: A Guide for Intended Parents

Pregnancy Weeks

The process of becoming a parent through surrogacy is exciting and gratifying. Among other things, it involves calculating pregnancy weeks. Surrogacy Centre India, the best surrogacy centre in Delhi, knows that intended parents need to be enlightened and guided along this path. Therefore, this blog will take you through the complex of figuring out pregnancy weeks so that you may have all the information required for this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

  1. Understanding When It Starts: The calculation of pregnancy weeks begins by decoding when it starts. In contrast to natural gestations, where the last menstrual period (LMP) represents the beginning point; in surrogacy, it is counted from the date of embryo transfer or insemination. It marks a more defined commencement stage for monitoring how far along one is at any given time.
  2. Appreciating the First Three Months: Weeks 1-12 are considered as the first trimester. It is marked by rapid growth and adaptation periods. Knowing what happens within this timeframe, like when an embryo forms or organs begin developing, will enable would-be moms and dads to follow up with their babies’ progress more expectantly and cautiously.
  3. Celebrating Second Trimester Milestones: At around week 13 through week 26, there is usually great relief coupled with excitement brought about by entering into the second-trimester stage. This phase, also known as ‘the honeymoon period’, is characterized by visible expansion as well as unique features starting to appear on a fetus/baby growing inside its mother’s womb. It gives hope for the beginning preparations for parenting among intended couples.
  4. Preparing for the Final Stretch: At around the 27th week until the 40th week, it is already considered as the third trimester which signals that pregnancy is about to end. This is where babies undergo development at a fast rate, so their parents need to monitor and be ready for their birth soon. Each week is a step closer to meeting their little one.
  5. Surrogacy-Specific Considerations: Surrogacy Centre India knows that surrogacy introduces some unique elements to calculating pregnancy weeks. Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, from the best surrogacy center in India, will always be there to help you understand more about your baby’s growth and milestones throughout this amazing journey.

Conclusion: Surrogacy Centre India recognizes that determining how many weeks pregnant you are can be difficult when pursuing surrogacy. However, surrogacy cost in India is a bit high. But here you can get an affordable surrogacy package in Delhi. Getting updated with what happens during this time enables would-be parents to embrace their new family member through such an extraordinary process at a reasonable surrogacy package in Delhi As they count down, each one brings them nearer to welcoming the baby into the world with open arms.

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