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The Legality of Altruistic Surrogacy for Gay Couples in India

In recent years, India has witnessed a significant shift in societal perspectives and legal frameworks surrounding surrogacy. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, altruistic surrogacy is legal in India for heterosexual couples, allowing them to fulfill their dream of parenthood. However, the situation is nuanced when it comes to gay couples.

As of 2022, Indian law did not explicitly address surrogacy for same-sex couples. The legal landscape surrounding surrogacy was primarily regulated by the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019. The bill proposed several restrictions, including a ban on commercial surrogacy and allowing only altruistic surrogacy, but it did not specifically address the eligibility of gay couples.

It’s crucial to stay updated on legal developments, as laws may change. For the most accurate and current information, consult legal professionals or governmental sources. Additionally, societal attitudes toward LGBTQ+ rights and family structures continue to evolve, potentially influencing legislative changes.

In conclusion, while altruistic surrogacy is legal in India, the eligibility of gay couples may be subject to evolving legal interpretations or amendments. Stay informed about the latest legal updates to make well-informed decisions on pursuing surrogacy as a gay couple in India. Click to What is Altruistic Surrogacy?

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