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Dear Dr Shivani,

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart. Today because of you & your ISIS Hospital’s staff help, we have been able to be called as Mom & Dad by our two sons namely Pratik Chhetri & Pranil Chhetri.

Because of these two precious gems our life has completely been changed. All our family members are very happy. Dr Shivani because of your encouragement and kind words our dreams of becoming parents has come true which we earlier thought would not be possible.

We are not mentioning any names as we fear we may forget some names thus we would like to thank each & everyone who is involved in this process. Your hospital staff is so helpful that we can’t express it in words. We would like to thank all of them. We can’t express our gratitude in words for the happiness you have given us.

We are forever in debt with you which we can never pay back. We will always pray for you and your hospital’s success. And we will remain a part of this hospital. To say the least we would like to thank you again.

Kamal Chhetri & Eliza






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